First Day of September: Budgeting for the month.

This month’s goal is two fold, but all about budgeting. Budgeting is ALWAYS something I’ve been terrible at, with both time and money. From the time I received my first paycheck at the age of 16, I’ve tried to buy everything I wanted and squeeze every minute of fun out of my day, rarely making time for things I needed to do or saving money for things that were coming up. I am very much the proverbial grasshopper. “Play today!” “We’ve got plenty of time/money at present.” It’s hard to admit you’re the grasshopper, but alas, here I am. My financial and time management problems were set at a very early age. Now, years and years later, I feel like I’m always playing “catch-up,” there’s never enough money or time to feel secure in the situation I’m in. My hard-working, loving, caring husband works full-time and goes to school for his Master’s degree, and I stay at home with our beautiful, charismatic 18-month old daughter, preparing for a new baby coming this December. Being a stay-at-home mom was always something I wanted to be, but living on one income in the pricey area of Orange County, California, is not the ideal situation for a grasshopper such as myself.


My husband and I are both ready to commit to living within our means and creating a budget and plan for our lives this month (and hopefully going forward). We have signed up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and after reading testimonials and listening to friends who have gone through the course, we definitely believe the money is worth it. Our first class is this Thursday. Also, using my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator I’ve created our own “home organization binder.” I first read about these binders on Pinterest, this one found on is one of my favorites, mainly because I love color… It can’t all be boring and drab, or how are you supposed to like it?

I’ve put my talents to use and created a cleaning schedule with; lists of chores to do daily, weekly, and monthly in each area of our home, calendars for scheduling, calendars for finances/budgeting, calendars for meal planning, and a weekly calendar to have a “quick-view” of things going on in the immediate future. I’ve also included baseball card holders for favorite recipes (quick, easy, and tasty are always my favorite) to be included in the meal planning section.

My husband and I plan to go over our calendars weekly and be sure that we’re keeping up with our goals of staying within our budget and keeping up with our daily chores.


I have a rare desmoid fibroma tumor in my right wrist, it is benign, but aggressive and has been eating at my bone and muscle since we’ve been married. It has been removed 4 times, and currently I’m treating it with Frankincense oil for pain management. It’s a hormonally aggravated tumor that grows stronger with any changes in hormones, which wouldn’t be too terrible, except I’m 26 weeks pregnant and now it’s started eating into my nerves. With pain as a potential setback, pregnancy sicknesses (yes, I still get nauseous at 26 weeks), and a toddler this will be quite the learning experience. Also, my husband works full time, has two classes this semester, on top of our weekly budget class, and Sunday is not an option for cleaning. There are days we’re just going to have to do the best we can, and keep moving forward. I can’t wait to begin!


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